Monitor Your Environment with Ovation’s CloudWatch

March 20th, 2019 by admin

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At Ovation Technology Group, we have developed a system that can monitor and analyze your environment to ensure that it meets regulatory standards and compliance. Using Ovation’s CloudWatch technology, you can track everything that affects your products, environmental surroundings, and facilities with an in-depth, high-quality system that not only monitors but reports on all data, changes, and assets.

What exactly is CloudWatch? It is an environmental monitoring system (EMS) that measures environmental factors and functions like temperature, humidity, airflow, and sound as well as room entry and personnel activities. You receive all this information transmitted to your database for analysis, security, observation or any other purpose. Advanced monitoring features included in CloudWatch trigger alerts when building conditions or any other environmental elements depart from the usual spectrum such as if temperatures in a controlled room get too low or too high or if something isn’t meeting regulatory guidelines. For industries like food, research, and healthcare, it is vital that certain conditions always stay regulated to ensure public health and safety. This is an all-in-one cloud-based environmental facility monitoring system that combines data analysis, security, and compliance.

The Ovation Technology Group CloudWatch system includes:

  • Reporting & Analysis - Advanced analytics, data trends, rule/behavior compliance modification, and custom reporting.
  • Alarming System - Loss of communication alert, custom alarm messaging, advanced detection algorithms, and false alarm prevention.
  • Storage & Archiving - Infinite data storage, data backup, advanced security, and compliance.
  • Data Dashboard - Always live, personalized URL, crucial virtual performance indicators, multiple view options, and customizable branding.

CloudWatch can send alerts via SMS or email and give real-time updates.

With Ovation’s solution to environmental monitoring, there is no need to go anywhere else for your security and monitoring needs. Contact Ovation Technology Group today to get more info on how CloudWatch can help you and your company stay compliant and safe.

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